FREE Beginner Lessons in Bridgewater

Beginner Lessons in Bridgewater October 6 & 13

Free Beginner Lessons in Bridgewater – October 6 & 13

Greg Crouse, along with Jerome and Elizabeth Tanner will be hosting a couple of FREE clinics for introducing pickleball to beginner players.  The clinics will take place at The Michelin Social Club on Logan Rd in Bridgewater from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm on Friday October 6th and again on Friday, October 13th.  As these are FREE sessions, ideally it would be preferred if players could plan to register and attend both sessions.

Hopefully there will be a great turnout which may lead to the addition of a brand new time slot at the gym dedicated to just beginner players.  This way, they can all get together and have some fun while gaining some valuable playing experience.  Eventually, the beginner players may want to start joining the other sessions taking place on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday’s.

For more information or to register for the sessions, please call 902-543-5018.

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