5 thoughts on “Pickleball Nova Scotia Memberships

  1. How can I get the places to play in Colchester changed. We hav3 a new facility. The Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus. Tuesday and Thursday from noon until 2, and Sunday 6 TIL 8. There is a drop in fee.


    1. Hi Beth, My apologies for taking so long to notice that your comment had been left on the site as I thought that this feature had not been activated. Please send me an up to date email outlining the following……the name and address of any new site, the days and times of their pickleball sessions and a name and/or contact number for that location. Please use pickleballnovascotiaweb@gmail.com Thanks.


  2. This website isn’t working. I need to renew my membership by the 15th so could you please send a renewal form to me at the address below so I can do so online?
    Thank you.


    1. Hi Susan,

      Please find below an email that was recently sent out by Angela Weld who is the Membership Chair with Pickleball Nova Scotia. If you are having any difficulties or have any questions about the payment of your renewal fee, please contact Angela by email at ang.weld11@gmail.com



      Some of you have recently sent me a message indicating you’ll renew soon, but I’m just sending this reminder out to all who have a membership expiry date of September 15th and haven’t renewed yet (in case you’ve forgotten).

      1. if you’re not renewing please let me know so I can take you off the list.
      2. if you’d like me to re-send your invoice so you can pay on-line with PayPal or a credit card just let me know.
      3. if you’d like to send me an e transfer for the $10, I can pay it for you. Just ask a security question that I can answer “pickleball”. Also, you could have a friend send an e transfer to me if you don’t know how (just have them include your name in the message).

      If you’ll be renewing later that’s fine too, just let me know. The weather has been beautiful lately so I don’t expect people to be inside on their computers.

      If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

      Thanks for your support of PNS and Pickleball Canada.

      Angela Weld
      PNS Membership Chair


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