National Pickleball Day August 11, 2018

Saturday, August 11th is National Pickleball Day and Pickleball Nova Scotia is encouraging all clubs and venues throughout the province to book their facilities for pickleball play.

It is up to the club what they want to arrange for their session.  For example, it could be a king and queen of the court competition or an “introduce a new player to pickleball” day.  Or they can simply host an open playing session for fun.  If you would any like other ideas, let us know.

If your club or group is interested, please contact Raelene Kucyk by email at as we would like to know which clubs/groups are celebrating National Pickleball Day.  After the event, let us know how you celebrated and include a group photo to show the fun you had so we can add it to the next issue of our newsletter “Around the Post”.

Thank you all for your support and participation and we look forward to seeing how many groups celebrate National Pickleball Day on August 11th.

Raelene Kucyk
Vice President – Pickleball Nova Scotia



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