Volunteer of the Year Award

A Volunteer is an individual or group of individuals whose efforts as leaders, administrators, officials, coaches, business leaders, media or in other roles, make an outstanding contribution to the sport of Pickleball in Nova Scotia.

Significant volunteer contributions to Pickleball Nova Scotia (PNS) will be recognized by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

a) Nominations can be made by any resident of Nova Scotia.

b) Members of the Selection Committee can submit nominations.  However, each member cannot submit more than two new nominations for each election proceeding.

c) Nominations shall be submitted to PNS using the Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form and should include all the information pertinent to the record and merit of the nominee. Handwritten nominations will not be accepted.

d) If you know someone who you feel is deserving of this annual award, please click here and copy and paste the Volunteer of The Year Nomination Form into a Word document. After filling out the information, please forward it to the following email address… pickleballnovascotiaweb@gmail.com

e) The deadline for nominations is midnight Atlantic Time, April 30th.

f) For more details on the Volunteer of the Year Award policies, click here.

Volunteer of the Year Committee

Selection of Candidates

a) The PNS Board of Directors has formed a Volunteer of the Year Committee who will accept and vote on the Volunteer of the Year nominees.

b) Any Volunteer of the Year who has been nominated but not elected by the Volunteer of the Year Committee (“the Selection Committee”) shall remain eligible for consideration for the next three consecutive years. After a period of three years of being nominated but not elected as the Volunteer of the Year that nominee’s name will be removed from consideration until nominated again. There will be a two-year waiting period before the nomination can be submitted again.

c) Nominations can be made posthumously.


Any individual, who has made an outstanding and extraordinary contribution to amateur or professional sport in NS other than as a competitor, demonstrates exemplary values and/or personal characteristics and makes a defining contribution to the sport of Pickleball in NS.

Those who are professional promoters, sponsors or fundraisers are not eligible for consideration.

A Nominee may be either active or inactive at the time of their consideration.

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