Tournament Cancellations

As stated in the document below from Pickleball Canada, unless circumstances change, the National Championships plus all Regional Championships will be cancelled no less than six weeks before the date of the events. As for the fate of our Nova Scotia Provincial Championships scheduled for May 8, 9 and 10, a formal decision will be made by noon on Friday March 27th

March 17, 2020

COVID-19 UPDATE — Challenging Times and Tough Choices for All

Your health and safety are at the heart of everything we do at Pickleball Canada.
Therefore, Pickleball Canada supports all Canadian Federal and Provincial Health Authorities’ recommendations in their efforts to abate the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Among the latest recommendations are those to limit, or suspend entirely, large group gatherings especially those where “seniors”, a designated vulnerable group, are involved.

It is incumbent on us, and all Canadian sport organizations, to exercise caution and comply with the relevant recommendations and applicable laws.

Therefore, unless circumstances change or an event has a prior cancellation, the following will be implemented immediately:

  • Pickleball Canada will cancel its Regional and National Tournaments in 2020 on the date that is six (6) weeks prior to the planned start date of such tournament, and
  • Pickleball Canada recommends to Provincial/local pickleball organizations the cancellation of all other 2020 Canadian pickleball tournaments on a similar 6-week prior basis, or sooner if felt appropriate.  If any such tournament does in fact proceed, the Tournament Director must ensure it is conducted in full compliance with the then current and relevant Health Authority Laws, Guidelines and Recommendations, and
  • Pickleball Canada will remove tournament sanctioning from all previously sanctioned tournaments that are cancelled or should be cancelled, and
  • Pickleball Canada requires that any local play that continues must only be undertaken if there is full compliance with all then current and relevant Health Authority Laws, Guidelines and Recommendations, including those described in our March 12 communique with respect to:
    •  group size limitations, and
    •  considerations regarding participation by a preponderance of seniors or other vulnerable groups, and
    • having an effective infectious disease containment and response plan in place that is well articulated throughout the players.

Tough measures for tough times.  We need to all pull together during these fast changing and challenging times. Please contact your Provincial/Territorial Association with questions and comments.  We will continue to update you as major changes occur.

Yours truly,
Pickleball Canada Board and the Interprovincial/Territorial Advisory Council

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