FREE Virtual Pickleball Summit

Certainly, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has had a big impact on your daily activities, including your ability to play pickleball.

One way to keep you involved in our sport while staying off the courts is to take part in a FREE Virtual Pickleball Summit organized by CJ Johnson of Better Pickleball.

The goal of the Virtual Pickleball Summit is to help pickleball players cope with this time away from the courts by helping them to create new habits to play better, get healthier, and lessen injury risk when they return to pickleball.

The Virtual Pickleball Summit will be a FREE 3 Day event held online between 4:00 pm and 6:30 pm Atlantic time on Monday, March 23, Tuesday March 24 and Wednesday March 25.

To register for the event simply click here and provide your name and email address to reserve your seat.

For more information about this event including a list of the presenters and their topics along with the daily schedule, click here.

From your friends at Pickleball Nova Scotia

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