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AGM – June 2017

June 25 is the Annual General Meeting for Pickleball Nova Scotia
Location:         St. Margaret’s Bay Centre
Open play        10am to 1pm
Meeting           1pm- 2:30pm

Anyone interested in pickleball should attend to help maintain and grow this great sport across the province and beyond.

Thank you,

Pickleball Nova Scotia




Pickleball Nova Scotia is pleased to announce that the 2nd Annual Provincial Championships is scheduled for June 3-4, 2017 at the Stadacona Gymnasium (Admiral Way, Halifax). The tournament is expected to be the biggest pickleball event east of Quebec and players of all ages, skill levels, and experience are encouraged to participate.  The schedule and divisions are as follows:

Saturday, June 3, 2017
Men’s & Women’s Doubles (Under 55, 55-64, 65-69, & 70+)

Sunday, June 4, 2017
Mixed Doubles (Under 55, 55-64, 65-69, & 70+)
Men’s & Women’s Singles (Under 55, 55-64, 65+)

* Age is determined by how old a person will be as of January 1, 2018.

  • Registration is $50. Members of Pickleball Nova Scotia receive a discounted rate of $40. Registration forms are available for download from & our facebook site.
  • All players will receive a complimentary Pickleball Nova Scotia T-Shirt.
  • Players may play in a younger division (i.e. a 64 year old may choose to play in Under 55 with their 40 year old partner) but cannot chose to play in a division designated for more senior players.
  • Competitors can only play on one men’s or women’s doubles and one mixed doubles team (i.e.  No one is eligible to play 65-69 men’s doubles and 70+ men’s doubles). However, players can play in different age groups in men’s or women’s doubles and mixed doubles (i.e. a 61 year old competitor can register for Under 55 men’s doubles and 60-64 mixed doubles).
  • If you wish to play and do not have a partner please contact and we will attempt to connect you with a partner.
  • Registration deadline is May 3, 2017.

Players are not officially registered until they have submitted their registration form and registration fee. Both can be submitted by email to or they can be mailed to Jared Uhlman at 392 Auburndale Road, Newcombville, NS B4V 7X1. If paying by check, please address it to Pickleball Nova Scotia. Upon receipt of payment you will receive email confirmation.   prov._registration_form.docx


New Board of Directors and Current Initiatives – November 4, 2016

Dear PNS Members,

There are several updates to provide following the successful meeting on October 30th, 2016 at EDCC.  First and foremost I wanted to thank those who attended, provided food, contributed to the discussion, and volunteered for vacant spots on the executive and for several subcommittees.

The decision was made to expand the PNS board to include regional representation in addition to the already established roles. Following the recent election of new officials the board currently consists of:

President – Jared Uhlman
Vice President – Raelene Kucyk
Membership Chair – Ginny Conrad
Secretary – Dawn Hobson
Treasurer – Ed MacDonald
HRM Rep. – Travis Crouse
South Shore Rep. – Yves Rossignol
Central/Northern Rep. – Brian Connick
Valley Rep. – This position will remain vacant until someone expresses interest.

Although the board consists of dedicated members, the decision was made to implement several subcommittees responsible for making inroads under PNS guidance in several key areas. Although each committee has several volunteers, if you have a desire to contribute to one of these groups it’s not too late and we ask that you respond to this email. Furthermore, if you are on a committee and know someone who has something to contribute please encourage them to volunteer.The current subcommittees are:

1. Tournament Committee – Any club that is looking to organize a tournament can reach out to the tournament committee. This is how we can assist:

  • Help organize dates
  • Help with tournament formatting
  • Promote it on pns website and facebook pages
  • Help with scheduling and registration
  • Post results in local papers

Please contact Raelene at or Marita at

Volunteers: Raelene Kucyk, Roger Peters, Marita Winaut, & Kathy Mullane, Karen MacDonald.

2. Development Committee – Responsible for all things related to developing competencies including officiating clinics, coaching clinics, and skill clinics. Volunteers: Bill MacQuarrie, Joan Dunn, & Brian Connick.

3. Fundraising Committee – Responsible for seeking sponsorships and partnerships with local and provincial agencies and organizations and organizing fundraising events. Volunteers: Dave Aasen, Heather Praught, & Debbie Rogers.

4. Marketing – This group has been working since September and has been responsible for reaching out to recreation centers and school boards to advocate for the inclusion of pickleball in their venues’ programs/curriculums. In addition, they have created education brochures and volunteered to run introductory workshops in areas which are not currently playing pickleball. Volunteers: Russ Miller, Wayne Uhlman, Dave Winaut, Wanda Winaut, Greg Crouse, Valerie Van Spengen.

PNS has many initiatives underway and we aim to be as transparent with membership as possible about the inner workings of the association. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us. One of the first topics on the agenda is standardizing the equipment used across the province. As many of you have probably heard, the Jugs Bulldog (lime green) ball that is commonly used across the province is no longer a sanctioned ball due to the tightening of sanctioning criteria by the USAPA. We at PNS are looking over our options as far as sanctioned balls are concerned and will be negotiating with distributors to see the type of discount we can receive if we recognize one as “the official ball of PNS” and place a mass order to accommodate all our venues needs for new balls.

Jared Uhlman, PNS President

Approved Balls – October 11, 2016
Over the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of dropping in to at least 12 different pickleball venues across NS & NB and have enjoyed some great hospitality. Although not all of these venues used the same brand pickle balls, most have adopted the bright lime green “Jugs Bulldog Indoor Ball” as their official ball. However, in the past few months the International Pickleball Federation (IPF) has tightened their standards and that ball is no longer approved for competitive play (as of September 2016). Although this does not mean venues have immediately stop using them, in an attempt to abide by the larger governing bodies PNS will be making the switch for sanctioned events to one of the approved models. The board has not reached a formal decision but players will notified as soon as soon as it has. Below is a list of approved balls.


Jared Uhlman, PNS Interim President

PNS Elections – October 10, 2016
I’m pleased to announce that EDCC in Dartmouth has been booked for October 30th from 1 to 2 pm for the purpose of electing new board members and reviewing the current initiatives the association is undertaking. You can also join in some friendly pickleball play from 10:45 am to 1 pm at EDCC. The fee is $6. Following this a light lunch will be served. After careful consideration it was decided that Pickleball Nova Scotia would benefit from increasing the number of board members and we are accepting nominees for the following positions: President, Secretary, Treasurer, South Shore Rep, HRM Rep, Valley Rep, and Central/Eastern Rep. If you are interested in any of the above please nominate yourself by replying to this email and express the position that interests you. Individuals will also be able to announce their candidacy on October 30th at the meeting. As well, you may wish to nominate a person; please seek their permission before so doing. PNS is at a critical stage in its development. Without your support it will not be able to function. Let’s make it work. Please indicate your attendance by replying no later than Tuesday, Oct. 25. to:

​Jared Uhlman, Interim President

President’s Message – August 27, 2016
On Sept 12, 2015 the new board of directors took over the reins of the NSPA; the association consisted of being registered with NS joint stocks and nothing else. We had no members, no funds, no website, no plan, etc.

Today we have an active membership, our first Provincial tournament behind us, funds in our bank account, a set of bylaws, a new name and a plan in place to keep moving the association forward. The plan includes player development programs consisting of coaching clinics, skills clinics, officiating programs, and tournament scheduling. Opportunities for marketing and fundraising are being developed. Our efforts will be coordinated to make sure we are in line with the other provincial and national bodies; not reinventing the wheel.

Today, I look back with a sense of accomplishment at our work to date. We have done so much in 12 months and all this has been accomplished with a small group of volunteers who not only give up a huge amount of their time but also don’t ask to be compensated for their cost. We could not have done any of this without them. Some folks think that just wishing it to happen is enough and want to jump on the energy bandwagon and go, go, go! The reality is that a methodical approach will be the best way for us to ensure permanent success for our association.

Over the next year the plan is to increase our membership base, increase our visibility and continue promoting Pickleball as both a way to stay fit, make friends and have fun. We will continue promoting both recreational and competitive players alike.

In closing I would like you to take ownership of your association and be active in any way you can to help us move forward.

Thank you,

Don Lacroix
President, Pickleball Nova Scotia


Congratulations! – August 26, 2016


Can you find the silver medalists for pickleball at the 2016 Canada Senior 55+ Games in this picture?  Hint: They are wearing the Nova Scotia emblem. Pictured below are players in the women’s doubles 65+ division with silver medal winners from Dartmouth, NS; Henny Rykers (second from left) and Ginny Conrad (second from right).

Nova Scotia had the second largest contingent among the 1700 participants in these games.  The 2016 Canada Senior 55+ games was a very memorable experience for the Nova Scotia contingent, due to the fellowship that grew among players from our own province as well as the other provinces and territories.

Couldn’t make it to the 2016 games?  Start planning for the next Canada 55+ games.  It was announced that the host for the next Canada 55+ Games in 2018 would be St. John, New Brunswick.  Qualifications for these Games take place at the next Nova Scotia Senior 55+ Games in 2017 to be held in the Bridgewater area.  You won’t want to miss these Games happening on our doorstep in 2018.

Contributed by Ginny Conrad

Ladies 2

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