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Pickleball Nova Scotia Annual General Meeting Minutes

June 2, 2019

St. Margaret’s Centre, Tantallon, NS

Executive and Board members attending:  Dan Smith, Ed MacDonald, Angela Weld, Dawn Hobson,  Henny Rykers, Ian MacDonald, Wanda Winaut, Brent Reid, Charlene Reid.

Forty (40) PNS members were in attendance.

Meeting was called to order at 11:35 am.

Minutes of the last AGM held on June 3, 2018 were reviewed.

Motion to accept the Minutes by Brent Hobson, seconded by Henny Rykers. Approved.

President’s Report:

This year saw several changes on the Board as PNS continued to see great success and growth, not only in numbers but also in a more structured format in line with Pickleball Canada.

Pickleball in NS continues to grow at a rapid rate and we are doing our best to keep up.  We are very close to becoming a Provincially Recognized Sport with Sport Nova Scotia, as well as a Nationally Recognized Sport with Sports Canada.

An annual Volunteer of the Year was created and was presented in Antigonish at the 2019 Provincial Championships.  Ian MacDonald, the Tournament Director, was the first recipient.  The criteria and nomination form for next year’s award will soon be posted to the PNS website.

PNS has purchased pickleballs, which will be made available to members and clubs at a reduced rate.  Details will be posted on the website.

Two Coaching Clinics (Teach the Teacher) were held. (29 participants)

Twenty-seven (27) Coaching Clinics for players were held throughout NS.

Four Level 1 Scorekeeping Clinics were run.

Things being looked into for the upcoming year:

A formal bidding process to host the Provincial Championships.

Coordinating a weekend clinic during which players’ skills can be evaluated to determine their actual rating.

Hosting more player clinics, as well as Level 1 Scorekeeping/Level 2 Officiating clinics.

Special thanks was given to several people:

Ian MacDonald and his committee for hosting the largest Provincial Tournament todate.

Heather-Anne Pentz for spending countless hours producing the PNS newsletter “Around the Post”.

Pat Morrison for maintaining the PNS website –  Pat is also the Provincial representative on interprovincial teleconferences.

Dawn Hobson for updating the Bylaws in preparation for approval and ratification by the membership.

Angela Weld who, as the Membership Chair, has seen membership increase by almost 100% this past year.  Angela, along with Mike Seifert, also organized four Level 1 Scorekeeping clinics.

Ed MacDonald for handling all of the finances for PNS.

And the rest of the Board and its members who continue to support the growth of pickleball, not only in their own areas, but also throughout the province.

Treasurer’s Report

As of May 1, 2018, the opening balance was $11,138.16.

Main sources of revenue have been from annual memberships ($2,450.00) as well as donations ($700.00), tournament registrations ($1,560.00), a fund raising draw from the Provincial Tournament ($328.05) and PNS jackets ($425.00). 

Total revenue was $5,463.05.  

Expense items included PCO membership payments ($250.00), gym and room rentals ($253.00), Bank fees ($15.00), office supplies ($128.77), purchase of indoor and outdoor balls ($772.50), Registry of Joint Stock Companies ($24.95), WordPress subscription renewal ($65.97), instructor training clinic ($2,619.09), PNS jackets ($2,224.53), jacket refund ($85.00), Provincial tournament ($3,666.53), Provincial Tournament 2018 refund (overpayment) ($40.00) and East Coast Pickleball Scorekeeping Clinics ($120.00).

Total expenses were $10,265.34.

Total revenue amount was $5,463.05 as compared to expenses totaling $10,265.34 resulting in a net income of ($4, 802.29).  The closing balance as of April 30, 2019 was $6,335.87.

A suggestion was made that a further breakdown of expenses should be provided if an expense is greater than $2,000.

It was recommended that the Treasurer’s Report be sent out to the membership for review prior to the AGM.

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report by J.D. McKinnon, seconded by Wendell Wamboldt.  Approved.

Membership Report:

PNS currently has 562 members, which is a huge increase from the membership of 294 in June 2018.

Pickleball Canada’s new website has greatly improved the membership application process.

Broadcast messages can now be sent through the PCO site.  As well, reports can be exported, membership date sorted by fields such as regions, gender, PCO membership number, etc. 

The Secretary has been added as an admin to the PCO site.

New and renewing members are directed through the PNS website to the PCO site for registration.

Renewal notices are sent out directly from PCO to members at the beginning of their  month of expiry.  By following the link provided, members can renew their memberships online with payment by PayPal or credit card.  At the beginning of each month, the PNS portion of the registration is deposited directly to the PNS account.  A monthly report is sent to the Membership Chair.

Motion to accept Membership Report by Betty McAlpine, seconded by Mary Louise Crespo-Michaud.  Approved.

Old/New Business:

Ian MacDonald reported on the very successful 2019 Provincials recently held in Antigonish, May 24-26th.

For the first time the event was run as a supported and sanctioned PCO tournament.

Participants included 151 players in the competitive/provincial stream while 41 players took part in the companion stream.  A number of young people also participated in the event for the first time.

Funds were raised for St. Martha’s Regional Hospital Foundation.

Jennifer Lucore ran a number of clinics and a “Teach the Teacher” workshop was conducted by Brooke Siver.

Strong support was received from the many sponsors, as well as the Municipality of the County of Antigonish, the town of Antigonish and St. Francis Xavier University.

Some concerns were expressed and acknowledged regarding the lack of medals for the winners.  Another area of concern was the design of the tournament shirt.

A quick survey of the members(40) asking what would be the preferred recognition for winners had the following results:

Medals – 8 out of 40 voted yes.

Trophies – 0 out of 40 voted yes.

Plaques – 3 out of 40 voted yes.

The majority agreed that some form of proper recognition is important.

A survey will be sent out to the participants asking for their comments, suggestions and recommendations on various aspects of the 2019 Provincials and those in the future.

Congratulations to Ian MacDonald and his staff of volunteers on a job well done.

Upcoming Tournaments

Upcoming tournaments include the following:

Atlantics (Fredericton)                                    June 8-9

Nationals (Kingston)                                       June 28-30

55+ Games (Antigonish)                                 August 1-3

Tantallon Classic (Tantallon)                          September 7-8

Ladies’ Snob Tournament (Bridgewater)       October 26

Scorekeeping Clinics

More than fifty(50) people took the scorekeeping training offered at four clinics. 

A number of those who qualified have already used their training at the East Coast Pickleball Tournament and the 2019 Provincials.


Members continue to show their strong support by submitting articles to our very successful and well received newsletter “Around the Post” edited and maintained by Heather-Anne Pentz.  The newsletter will continue with quarterly issues in September, December, March and June.

Ratification of By-Laws

A copy of the new proposed By-Laws was emailed to the membership in late May.

It was agreed that in our endeavour to gain status with Sport Nova Scotia as a  provincially recognized sport,  the six regions designated by Sport Nova Scotia – Central, Valley, South Shore, Fundy, Highland and Cape Breton – would be the areas used by PNS.  The result is a minor change to two items within the proposed By-Laws.  The following items now read as follows:

36.       The officers shall be elected by the membership and shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer, a Secretary and a Membership Chair.  As well, there will be two Directors-at-large and Board Members for the following regions – Central, Valley, South Shore, Fundy, Highland and Cape Breton.

43.       Six additional members will act as the representatives for the following areas – Central, Valley, South Shore, Fundy, Highland and Cape Breton.  These board members shall:

  1. provide representation at meetings, including reports, for their areas, and
  2. if unable to attend meetings, shall inform the Officers of any information or issue arising in their respective areas.

A motion was made to approve these new By-laws by RoyDeVries and seconded by Brent Hobson.  Approved.

The new By-Laws will be filed with the Registry of Joint Stocks Companies and will also be posted on the PNS website.


Election/Appointment of Executive and Board Members

The new PNS Executive is as follows:

President                                 Dan Smith

Vice-President                        Pat Morrison

Treasurer                                 Mary Louise Crespo-Michaud

Secretary                                 Dawn Hobson

Membership                            Angela Weld

Directors-at-large                    Betty MacAlpine and JD McKinnon

Board Members are:

Central                                    Henny Rykers and Ginny Conrad

Valley                                     Brent Reid and Charlene Reid

South Shore                            Wanda Winaut

Highland                                 Ian MacDonald

Fundy                                      Glen Hudson

Cape Breton                            Vacant

The only outgoing Executive was Ed MacDonald who served as Treasurer for three years.

Other Business

An increase in the current membership fees is expected.  Any increase will be aligned with Pickleball Canada as their fees change.

A brief discussion was held concerning the factors determining one’s eligibility to play in Provincials.  One criteria that does provide consistency is having a NS Health Card.

Motion to adjourn made by Dan Smith and seconded by Betty MacAlpine.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:25 pm.

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