The 2016 Pickleball Snob “Ladies Only” Open October 16

October 16, 2016

Congratulations to all the ladies who participated and helped make this tournament a success.


Tier 1
Winners: Candace Weagle & Raelene Kucyk
Runners Up: Bev Cook & Marita Winaut

Tier 2
Winners: Monique Conrad & Charlotte Selig
Runners Up: Wendy Brown & Nancy Latimer

Tier 3
Winners: Anne Mackinnon & Connie Walker
Runners Up: Margie McInnis & Leah Snide

Tier 4
Winners: Renda Vandertoorn & Giselle Remme
Runners Up: Muriel Willett & Jackie Heathcoate

Tier 5
Winners: Heather Praught & Debbie Rogers
Runners Up: Beth MacLean & Bernadette Alain

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