Pickleball Nova Scotia Member Benefits

There are plenty of reasons why people join Pickleball Nova Scotia and Pickleball Canada…

  1. You love pickleball and you want to do your part by contributing to both of our volunteer Organizations that are committed to the growth of Pickleball and are supporting the development of recreational and tournament players throughout Nova Scotia and across the country.
  2. You receive Pickleball Canada’s Sports Injury and Liability Insurance coverage that protects the individual player member, their Club, their facility, their Provincial organization and Pickleball Canada.  Click here for more details about the insurance coverage
  3. You receive “members only” E-newsletters from Pickleball Nova Scotia and Pickleball Canada.
  4. You receive advanced notice of upcoming tournaments and training clinics to take advantage of our early registration benefits. 
  5. Groups of Pickleball Nova Scotia members within their communities can be recognized and endorsed by Pickleball Nova Scotia in order to be eligible to apply for certain types of sports funding.
  6. Members have access to our portable nets, balls and demo paddles for special events and training sessions
  7. Membership includes voting rights at our Annual General Meeting to give you the opportunity for your voice to be heard and to make an impact.
  8. Pickleball Nova Scotia and Pickleball Canada are volunteer organizations and your dues provide the funds that help us grow the sport throughout the country and throughout our province.  Here are some initiatives we are currently working on….
  • developing & managing the national certification of officials for pickleball in Canada.
  • establishing a national player database for insurance, ratings and potential partner locate/contact.
  • establishing and monitoring policies on code of conduct, dispute resolution, discrimination, equity & access, conflict of interest and anti-doping
  • managing a high-performance athlete development program
  • advocating to adopt pickleball as a standard sport in the education system in Canada
  • providing a single voice for Canada at the international federation to approve new rules and regulations which affect all play at all levels
  • overseeing the development of para-pickleball at all levels throughout Canada.

To join Pickleball Nova Scotia, click here for all the instructions

Pickleball Nova Scotia Business Partners Program

This partnership program with participating businesses throughout the country will provide discounts and/or bonuses exclusively to our Pickleball Nova Scotia members.

Here are the first eight offerings…..


Sport Nova Scotia Travel Program

Bead Girl Nauti Line

Vogue Optical

Rodd Hotels and Resorts

Brick*House Paddles

If you would like more information about this program or if you are a business owner wishing to take part, you can either send us an email at pnssponsorships@gmail.com or you can use the contact us link on our website to reach out to us.

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