2018 Provincial Championships May 26th and 27th

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On May 26-27, Horton High School in Wolfville was the site of the 3rd Annual Pickleball Nova Scotia Provincial Championships and featured a record number of participants and some brilliant matches.
Pickleball Nova Scotia would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors
We would also like to thank the many volunteers who made the smooth operation of such an event possible.
Here are the Tournament results:

Under 55

Men’s Doubles
Gold – Jared Uhlman/Steve Boudreau
Silver – Jim Rose/John McManaman
Bronze – Chris Webb/Ben Webb
Men’s Singles
Gold – Jared Uhlman
Silver – Mark Latter
Bronze – Gaston Renault
Mixed Doubles
Gold – Jared Uhlman/Candice Ernst
Silver – Marita Winaut/Bob Denault
Bronze – Gaston Renault/Taryn Jollimore
Ladies Doubles
Gold – Candice Ernst/Taryn Jollimore
Silver – Marita Winaut/Raelene Kucyk
Bronze – Sally Jorgensen/Lisa Landry
Ladies’ Singles
Gold – Marita Winaut
Silver – Candice Ernst
Bronze – Raelene Kucyk


Men’s Doubles
Gold – Greg Walker/Dave Reynolds
Silver – Eric Chaytor/Sim Arruda
Bronze – Bob Renault/Rick Latimer
Men’s Singles
Gold – Eric Chaytor
Silver – Dave Reynolds
Bronze – Brian Ackerley
Mixed Doubles
Gold – Russ Miller/Bev Cook
Silver – Dan Spears/Mary Louise Michaud
Bronze – Greg Walker/Angela Weld
Ladies Doubles
Gold – Bev Cook/Glenda Murray
Silver – Mary Louise Michaud/Betty MacAlpine
Bronze – Linda Moriarty/Kathy Conrad
Ladies’ Singles
Gold – Angela Weld
Silver – Glenda Murray


Men’s Doubles
Gold – Dave Aasen/Dan Spears
Silver – Wayne Uhlman/Russ Miller
Bronze – Rod Young/Bob Nogler
Men’s Singles
Gold – Dave Aasen
Silver – Greg Walker
Bronze – Bob Denault
Mixed Doubles
Gold – Jack Tee/Karen MacDonald
Silver – Wayne Uhlman/Henny Rykers
Bronze – Dave Aasen/Betty MacAlpine
Ladies Doubles
Gold – Karen MacDonald/Margie McInnis
Silver – Anne MacKinnon/Connie Reynolds
Bronze – Joanne MacNeil/Jackie Heathcote
Ladies’ Singles
Gold – Sally Jorgensen
Silver – Theresa MacDonald Thompson


Men’s Doubles
Gold – Jack Yee/Don Morrison
Silver – Brent Hobson/Bob Gillis
Bronze – Rick Godwin/Jack Gallivan
Men’s Singles
Gold – Jack Tee
Silver – Ian MacDonald
Bronze – Wayne Thorburne
Mixed Doubles
Gold – Mike Marsh/Jackie Heathcote
Silver – Wendell Wamboldt/Anne Mackinnon
Bronze – Brent Hobson/Dawn Hobson
Ladies Doubles
Gold – Henny Rykers/Dawn Hobson


Men’s Doubles
Gold – Wayne Thorburne/Wendell Wamboldt
Silver – Dave Winaut/Frank Rossiter
Bronze – Jack McLellan/Matthew Donovan
Mixed Doubles
Gold – Wayne Thorburne/Wanda Winaut
Silver – Millage Demond/Ginny Conrad
Bronze – Dave Winaut/Kathy Mullane
Ladies’ Singles
Gold – Wanda Winaut
Silver – Kathy Mullane
Bronze – Ginny Conrad



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