3rd Annual Tantallon Classic Tournament September 8th & 9th, 2018

2017 Tantallon Classic

       WHERE ?     

The St Margaret’s Centre, Tantallon NS




Ladies Doubles Event

Saturday, September 8th


Men’s Doubles Event

Sunday, September 9th


Registration Opens 8am July 14, 2018

(no early registrations accepted)


Registration Closes 8pm July 22, 2018

(late registrations accepted if space available)


 Only 20 teams accepted for each Event

 Entry Fee: $25 per player



The goal of our Organizing Committee this year is to provide a more competitive Tournament by dividing the 20 registered teams in each event into two Divisions.

Division seeding will be based on registration self-ratings and preference.  A Tournament Panel will review all submissions and use their discretion to create the most competitive Divisions possible.

The Format for both the Ladies and Mens Events will be identical and all teams will have a minimum of 5 games.

Each 10 team Division will be divided into two 5 team Pools and a team’s Round Robin Record will determine their placement in the Playoff Round which will feature crossover games between the 2 Pools to determine the Gold, Silver & Bronze winners.

The Top 10 Seeded Teams will compete for the ONIX Division Championship (Target ability Level 3.5 – 5.0) while the other 10 teams will compete for the Premium Pickleball Division Championship (Target ability level 3.0 -3.5) with Gold, Silver & Bronze being awarded in each.

Most Playoff Round matches will be best 2 out of 3 games to 11 points (win by 2)

Light snacks will be provided in the Paddletek Lounge area




Division Seedings will be published on or about July 30th ($25 Entry Fee per player is due within 48 hrs of Division Publishing to confirm your participation)

Preferred Payment by e-transfer to tantallonclassic@gmail.com   Use Password: Classic

Please submit the following information to tantallonclassic@gmail.com during the Registration Period:


Age: ______

Self Rating _______

Preferred Division:       ONIX  ____        Premium PB ____


Partner Name:_____________________

Age: ______

Self Rating _______


Minimum age: 18 as of the Tournament Date

All Players must be members of Pickleball Canada Organization (PCO) by the Tournament Date and will be required to sign a Liability Waiver when Checking In.

Self Rating Information: can be sourced via the Pickleball Nova Scotia Website:  https://pickleballnovascotia.com/self-assessment-guidelines/


If any Event in the Tournament oversubscribes during the Registration period the Committee will use their discretion with the following guidelines:

  • 1 or more players on a team participated last year – 12 Teams
  • New N.S. Teams – 4 Teams
  • New Other Teams – 4 Teams

If any of the above guidelines are not fully utilized the available space will be prorated over the remaining criteria

Committee: Dan Spears, Betty MacAlpine, Dave Aasen


The anticipated timing for both the Ladies and Men’s Events:

          8:00 – 8:45            Registration / Warm-Ups

          8:45 – 9:00            Opening Comments / Group Picture

          9:00 – 12:00          Round Robin Play

          12:00 – 3:30          Playoffs

           3:30  – 4:00          Medal Presentations / Closing Comments

Note: Timing is a rough estimate so plan for a potential 5:00 pm finish time


    Diamond Sponsors


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In Partnership with the St. Margaret’s Centre

St Margaret's Centre

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