2020 Provincials Suspended

The Pickleball Nova Scotia (PNS) board is reaching out to express our well wishes to you during these unprecedented times. The coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting all of us in different ways and we hope that you and your families are safe and healthy.

With that being said, following guidelines sent out by Pickleball Canada, PNS is suspending for now and potentially cancelling in the future, the 2020 Pickleball Provincial Championships.

Special thanks go out to the Eastcoast Provincial Tournament Committee for all their hard work and efforts in preparing for this event.

Hope to see you all on the courts in the very near future.

Daniel Smith
PNS President

FREE Virtual Pickleball Summit

Certainly, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has had a big impact on your daily activities, including your ability to play pickleball.

One way to keep you involved in our sport while staying off the courts is to take part in a FREE Virtual Pickleball Summit organized by CJ Johnson of Better Pickleball.

The goal of the Virtual Pickleball Summit is to help pickleball players cope with this time away from the courts by helping them to create new habits to play better, get healthier, and lessen injury risk when they return to pickleball.

The Virtual Pickleball Summit will be a FREE 3 Day event held online between 4:00 pm and 6:30 pm Atlantic time on Monday, March 23, Tuesday March 24 and Wednesday March 25.

To register for the event simply click here and provide your name and email address to reserve your seat.

For more information about this event including a list of the presenters and their topics along with the daily schedule, click here.

From your friends at Pickleball Nova Scotia

Tournament Cancellations

As stated in the document below from Pickleball Canada, unless circumstances change, the National Championships plus all Regional Championships will be cancelled no less than six weeks before the date of the events. As for the fate of our Nova Scotia Provincial Championships scheduled for May 8, 9 and 10, a formal decision will be made by noon on Friday March 27th

March 17, 2020

COVID-19 UPDATE — Challenging Times and Tough Choices for All

Your health and safety are at the heart of everything we do at Pickleball Canada.
Therefore, Pickleball Canada supports all Canadian Federal and Provincial Health Authorities’ recommendations in their efforts to abate the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Among the latest recommendations are those to limit, or suspend entirely, large group gatherings especially those where “seniors”, a designated vulnerable group, are involved.

It is incumbent on us, and all Canadian sport organizations, to exercise caution and comply with the relevant recommendations and applicable laws.

Therefore, unless circumstances change or an event has a prior cancellation, the following will be implemented immediately:

  • Pickleball Canada will cancel its Regional and National Tournaments in 2020 on the date that is six (6) weeks prior to the planned start date of such tournament, and
  • Pickleball Canada recommends to Provincial/local pickleball organizations the cancellation of all other 2020 Canadian pickleball tournaments on a similar 6-week prior basis, or sooner if felt appropriate.  If any such tournament does in fact proceed, the Tournament Director must ensure it is conducted in full compliance with the then current and relevant Health Authority Laws, Guidelines and Recommendations, and
  • Pickleball Canada will remove tournament sanctioning from all previously sanctioned tournaments that are cancelled or should be cancelled, and
  • Pickleball Canada requires that any local play that continues must only be undertaken if there is full compliance with all then current and relevant Health Authority Laws, Guidelines and Recommendations, including those described in our March 12 communique with respect to:
    •  group size limitations, and
    •  considerations regarding participation by a preponderance of seniors or other vulnerable groups, and
    • having an effective infectious disease containment and response plan in place that is well articulated throughout the players.

Tough measures for tough times.  We need to all pull together during these fast changing and challenging times. Please contact your Provincial/Territorial Association with questions and comments.  We will continue to update you as major changes occur.

Yours truly,
Pickleball Canada Board and the Interprovincial/Territorial Advisory Council

New Tournament Announcement for Saint John, NB

East Coast Games

Pickleball Saint John and KV Pickleball Club are pleased to bring Pickleball to the East Coast Games for the first time 

Location:  Thistle St. Andrew’s Curling Club 49 Dufferin Ave, Saint John

Dates:       June 20, 21

To register, please visit: https://forms.gle/MU9cmatX2q1MtdqV9 – Registration deadline is May 15, 2020.

For more information please contact pickleballsaintjohn@gmail.com

Volunteer of the Year Award

Please Note: Our apologies for posting this announcement for the third time over the past two days but we were experiencing technical difficulties with the embedded links below.

A Volunteer is an individual or group of individuals whose efforts as leaders, administrators, officials, coaches, business leaders, media or in other roles, make an outstanding contribution to the sport of Pickleball in Nova Scotia.

Significant volunteer contributions to Pickleball Nova Scotia (PNS) will be recognized by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

a) Nominations can be made by any resident of Nova Scotia.

b) Members of the Selection Committee can submit nominations.  However, each member cannot submit more than two new nominations for each election proceeding.

c) Nominations shall be submitted to the Secretary of PNS using the Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form and should include all the information pertinent to the record and merit of the nominee. Handwritten nominations will not be accepted.

d) If you know someone who you feel is deserving of this annual award, please click here and copy and paste the Volunteer of The Year Nomination Form into a Word document and after filling out the information please email it to Dawn Hobson at hobson@ns.sympatico.ca

e) The deadline for nominations is midnight Atlantic Time, March 31st.

f) For more details on the Volunteer of the Year Award policies, click here.

Volunteer of the Year Committee

Selection of Candidates

a) PNS Board of Directors will strike a Volunteer of the Year Committee who will accept and vote on the Volunteer of the Year nominees.

b) Any Volunteer of the Year who has been nominated but not elected by the Volunteer of the Year Committee (“the Selection Committee”) shall remain eligible for consideration for the next three consecutive years. After a period of three years of being nominated but not elected as the Volunteer of the Year that nominee’s name will be removed from consideration until nominated again. There will be a two-year waiting period before the nomination can be submitted again.

c) Nominations can be made posthumously.


Any individual, who has made an outstanding and extraordinary contribution to amateur or professional sport in NS other than as a competitor, demonstrates exemplary values and/or personal characteristics and makes a defining contribution to the sport of Pickleball in NS.

Those who are professional promoters, sponsors or fundraisers are not eligible for consideration.

A Nominee may be either active or inactive at the time of their consideration.

New Brunswick Tournament Announcement

What :  OpenPickleball Tournament

Where :  Riverview East School , 49 Chambers St., Riverview, NB, E1B 0P5 (6 courts)

When :  Saturday April 4 and Sunday April 5 from 9 am to 5 pm (registration 8 – 8:30)

Cost :  $25 per person per category (pay at the school the day of the tournament)

Categories : minimum of 4 teams per category


Men’s Doubles

Division 1 (3.5 & over) age 60 & under,

Division 1 (3.5 & over) age 61 & over,

Division 2 (3.0 & under)

Women’s Doubles

Division 1 (3.5 & over) age 60 & under,

Division 1 (3.5 & over) age 61 & over,

Division 2 (3.0 & under)


Mixed Doubles

Division 1 (3.5 & over) age 60 & under,

Division 1 (3.5 & over) 61 & over,

Division 2 (3.0 &under)

Format : 

Round Robin in the morning and double elimination during the afternoon.

Ball : Onix Fuse 2 orange indoor ball

Registration : names, ages, phone #s and e-mails of both partners to riverviewpickleball@gmail.com

Registration DeadlineMarch 29, 2020

New Tournament in May

May 2, 2020

Dalhousie Agricultural Campus
Langille Athletic Centre


Round robin play for each category.

Division 1

Men’s Doubles:                                Women’s Doubles

Age 60 – (3.5+)                               Age 60 – (3.5+)

Age 61+ (3.5+)                                  Age 61+ (3.5+)

Division 2:  

Men’s Doubles:                               Women’s Doubles

Age: all (3.0 and lower)               Age: all  (3.0 and lower)

Note : Each category must have a minimum of 4 teams.

Ball : Onyx Fuse
Playoff Format : Will be communicated after registration deadline.


8:00 am: Gym Opens

8:30 am: Warm Up and Registration

9:30 am: Start of play.

-$25 per person (Includes Chili and Bread Roll for Lunch (Catered by Chartwells)

-Payment due upon arrival at gymnasium (Credit/Debit or Cash). Participants must bring receipt of payment to draw desk to complete registration.  

Must be Pickleball Canada Member: Pickleball NS Link Below


To Register please email rams@dal.ca with the following information:
Event Name/Category you are registering for-Partner’s name and email address
-Age of both people
-Level of play (https://pickleballnovascotia.com/self-assessment-guidelines/)

Registration Deadline: April 26


-Address: 20 Cumming Drive, Bible Hill NS

-Dressing rooms and showers are available on site.

-Stadium style viewing area for fans and athletes

-6 courts plus additional warm-up court on the stage gym.


Best Western – Glengarry
150 Willow St.| Truro, NS | B2N 4Z6
Tel: 902-893-4311 | | Toll-free 1-800-567-4276

Safety First

Protective Eyewear

Pickleball has been recognized as being the fastest growing sport in North America (click here) and despite all of its many health benefits, one thing making it so attractive to people of all ages is its low cost of entry. Although most venues have nets, paddles and balls for new players to use when they are just learning, it means that until you purchase your own paddle and a few balls, all you need is comfortable clothes and sneakers.

Or is it?

One of the most overlooked pieces of equipment that people neglect to invest in is protective eyewear and here are a few stats to consider….

Prevent Blindness America reports that hospital emergency rooms treat more than 40,000 eye injuries every year that are sports-related

Because children in their first 18 years receive 50% of their lifetime exposure to sunlight, children and teens playing outdoor sports should wear high quality sunglasses with 99% -100% UVA and UVB protection at all times

As for seniors, since the majority of their age group wears prescription eyeglasses, they need to protect their glasses from scratches or breaks that can be inflicted by the ball or a paddle. Wearing racquet sports eyewear, such as over-the-glasses or wraparound eyeguards, in clear or sunglass styles, offer the best protection.

For players who don’t wear glasses or who can wear contacts, there are lots of traditional sports safety glasses to choose from. But for players who use prescription eyewear and don’t want to use contacts, the only options are safety glasses to wear over their eyewear or select protective eyewear that you can insert prescription lenses into.

Here are some links we have found that may help you find the right protective eyewear to fit your needs and budget….

All About Vision


Specs Direct

Very Well Fit

New PEI Fundraising Tournament

Spring Dink for the Tyne Valley Rink

Location:     Kensington Intermediate Senior High School, Kensington PEI

Dates:          April 4, 

All proceeds are going to the Tyne Valley Community Sports Centre to help with the rebuild after their tragic fire.  For more information contact Brian Strongman or Nick Gallant at the following email addresses: