Pickleball Nova Scotia By Laws



Section A

The name of our society is Pickleball Nova Scotia (PNS)


Section B

The purpose of the association is to:

  1.  Promote the sport of Pickleball in a safe and respectable environment.
  2.  Provide the opportunity for all members to learn and improve their play.
  3.  Sponsor and promote tournament play at the provincial level.

Section C

PNS shall be a nonprofit and financially independent organization maintaining a stable financial base.




Section A

Membership shall be open to all individuals interested in supporting Pickleball Nova Scotia.

Section B

Every member shall:

  1. Have the duty and obligation to behave themselves in a manner that is consistent with good taste and sportsmanship.
  2. Uphold the Constitution and comply with these By-Laws.

Section C

Members are entitled to:

  1. Attend all general meetings.
  2. Receive information about schedules, clinics, tournaments, etc. by email.
  3. Participate in provincial tournaments and clinics as space permits.
  4. Receive a copy of the Constitution and these By-Laws by email.
  5. Serve on committees.
  6. Hold office, if they are 18 years or older.
  7. Examine books and records of PNS upon 7 days written notice.
  8. Vote at any members’ meeting of PNS.

Section D

Membership in PNS may be terminated by:

  1. Voluntary withdrawal.
  2. Nonpayment of dues adopted by PNS.
  3. A majority vote at a meeting of PNS. A membership vote may be called by the PNS elected board if it is determined that a member has performed a terminable violation of the published rules, guidelines and regulations enforced by PNS.  No member shall be expelled from PNS without notice of the charge(s) or complaint(s) against him or her and without having first been given an opportunity to be heard by the PNS Executive at a meeting called for that purpose.




Membership dues will be set by the Executive and approved by a majority vote at the spring Annual General Meeting (AGM) after a quorum has been established.




Section A

1)The President shall:

  1. Organize and conduct all meetings according to Robert’s Rules of Order and be concerned with the overall smooth operation of PNS. The President is the chiefspokesperson for PNS.

b) At the Annual General Meeting report to the membership on the year’s activities.


2) The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in the event the President is unable to do so.


3) The Treasurer shall:

  1. Collect all dues, disburse all funds and provide annual financial reports.
  2. Keep an accurate record of all income and expenses.


4) The Secretary shall:

  1. Take minutes of all meetings, Annual General Meeting attendance and be responsible for establishing if a quorum exists at meetings.
  2. Ensure that the Constitution and By-Laws are up to date and are available to the membership.

5) The Membership Chair shall record and maintain the membership data through on-line registrations on the website of Pickleball Canada.

6) The Directors-at-large (2) shall perform duties as assigned.

7)  The Board Members for Halifax Regional Municipality, Valley, South Shore, Highlands and Central/Northern shall:

  1. Provide representation, including reports, for their areas at meetings.
  2. If unable to attend meetings, Board Members shall inform the Directors of any information or issue arising in their respective areas.

Section B

1) Directors and Board members will serve for a term of two (2) years effective as of the date of the spring Annual General Meeting with one half of the Directors elected or appointed each year.

2) Directors and Board members have full voting rights.

3) Directors may, at any time, appoint a member as a Director to fill a vacancy. A Director so appointed holds office only until the conclusion of the next following Annual General Meeting, but is eligible for re-election at that Annual General Meeting.

4) Directors and Board members may, by Special Resolution, remove a Director or Board member before the expiration of his or her term and may elect a successor to complete the term of office.




Section A – Nominating Committees

The President or Directors shall appoint a nomination committee at least 30 days prior to the AGM.  This committee shall consist of at least 3 members whose duty is to identify members seeking election to the Board.  All PNS members possess the authority to nominate himself or herself, or another member.  If there is more than one candidate for an elective position, a vote shall be held at the AGM.

Section B – Special and Standing Committees

The President and Directors may appoint Standing or Special Committees and appoint members to these committees as needed for the association’s operation.




All meetings must be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rule of Order, except as may be provided elsewhere in the By-Laws.




Section A

There will be an Annual General Meeting held in the spring of each year.  Due notice of the time and place of the AGM shall be given at least 30 days prior to the meeting.

Section B

Elections and/or appointments of Directors and Board Members will take place at the Annual General Meeting.

Section C

General meetings can be called by the President, or by the majority of directors, as the need arises.

Section D

Executive meetings can be called when needed.

Section E

All members shall have the right to vote at the AGM and any other general meeting of PNS.

Section F

A quorum at all general membership meetings is established with three (3) Directors and ten (10) other members present.

Section G

One half, plus one of the Directors and Board Members of PNS shall constitute a quorum for all decisions of the Executive/Board meetings.




Section A

If a quorum is not present, no business shall commence and the meeting will be terminated.

Section B

At a general meeting, the members shall choose one of their members to be chair if:

  1. There is no President, Vice President or other Directors present within 15 minutes after the meeting was scheduled to begin
  2. The President, Vice President and all Directors present are unwilling to act as chair.

Section C

All members, who are in good standing, are entitled to one vote at a general meeting.  Voting is by show of hands.

Section D

All resolutions proposed at a general meeting must be seconded.  The chair of a meeting may move or propose a resolution.  In case of an equality of votes, the chair shall not have a second or casting vote and the resolution shall be defeated.

Section E

Voting by proxy or absentee ballots may be permitted on ordinary and extraordinary resolutions.  The Board cannot assume proxy votes of members.

Section F

The President shall preside as chair of a general meeting, in his absence the Vice President, or in the absence of both, one of the Directors shall be the chair.




If a vacancy should occur on the Executive, the remaining members may, by majority vote, elect a successor, with the exception of a vacancy of the President, which shall be filled by the Vice President.  In the event the Vice-President is unable to do so, the remaining Directors and Board Members shall appoint an acting Director as the Interim President, by majority vote.  The Director so appointed will hold office only until the conclusion of the next AGM.




Section A

The fiscal year shall be from May 1st to April 30th.

Section B

Cheques shall be signed by two (2) Directors.

Section C

Any outlay of money over $100.00 requires an approved motion by the Directors and Board Members.

Section D

The Executive shall authorize the Treasurer to disburse funds in support of PNS activities as needed.  A receipt is required for all expenditures and disbursements.

Section E

A detail financial report shall be presented at the AGM.

Section F

Financial records must undergo a yearly financial review by individuals selected by the PNS Executive.  The results of the Report of Audit will be presented to the general membership at the AGM.




Section A

Any member of PNS can propose an amendment to the Constitution and By-Laws.

Section B

After review of the proposed by-law or constitutional amendment by the PNS Executive, members attending a special AGM meeting shall vote on the amendment.

Section C

Proposed change to the By-Laws and Constitution shall be posted on the PNS website for at least 60 days prior to a special meeting of the AGM where members will vote or reject the amendment.  A two-thirds majority is required for a by-law or constitutional change.