What is Pickleball Nova Scotia (PNS)?

PNS is a non-profit organization made up volunteers who love the sport of pickleball and are dedicated to supporting existing programs and promoting further growth across the province. We firmly believe that pickleball is a game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels and we will strive to assist in creating opportunities for both recreational and competitive play.

In 2011, Steve and Patsy Simon introduced Pickleball to Nova Scotia, established the Nova Scotia Pickleball Association (NSPA), and served on the board of directors.  Their hard work combined with the addictive nature of pickleball has resulted in the sport being played in multiple locations across the province (see places to play).

In 2015, Patsy and Steve stepped down from the NSPA, the association was renamed Pickleball Nova Scotia (PNS) and a new board of directors was elected with the intention of promoting the sport across Nova Scotia while developing formal partnerships with established sport, recreation, and health organizations.

Following completion of the provinces first Nova Scotia Provincial Pickleball Championships which drew a record number of players for a pickleball tournament in Atlantic Canada, PNS held their first AGM.  A new paid membership (click to join) was introduced and a special committee of regional representatives was appointed to gather information from their peers and assist in improving the quality of services that PNS offers.


As of October 30, 2016, the PNS Board of Directors expanded to included regional representatives.  President Jared Uhlman, VP Raelene Kucyk, Secretary Dawn Hobson, Treasurer Ed MacDonald, and Membership Chair Ginny Conrad were joined by Regional Reps; Travis Crouse (Halifax), Yves Rossignol (South Shore) and Brian Connick (Central/Northern).

JUNE 2017

In June of 2017, our second AGM was held and some changes were made to our Board of Directors.

The following and available positions were filled:

President                                   Jared Uhlman, re-elected

Membership Chair               Angela Weld

South Shore Rep                    Heather Pentz

Members at Large                 Pat Morrison and Daniel Smith

Marketing Committee         Pat Morrison and Brent Hobson


As of September 2018, the PNS Board of Directors was comprised of:

President                                 Raelene Kucyk

Vice-President                       Vacant

Treasurer                                Ed MacDonald

Secretary                                 Dawn Hobson

Membership Chair               Angela Weld

Directors at Large                Daniel Smith and Pat Morrison

Members at Large

HRM Reps                              Henny Rykers and Ginny Conrad

South Shore Rep                   Wanda Winaut

Central/Northern rep          Vacant

Annapolis Valley rep           Darrel Youden

Highlands Rep                      Ian MacDonald


In early 2019 there were a few changes to some board positions.  After Raelene Kucyk stepped down as President, Daniel Smith accepted that role and Pat Morrison filled the vacant Vice President Position.  Other changes were made as well to some of our regional reps and now the board is made up of the following:

President                                   Daniel Smith

Vice-President                        Pat Morrison

Treasurer                                  Marylouise Crespo-Michaud

Secretary                                   Dawn Hobson

Membership Chair                Angela Weld

Area Reps

HRM Reps                                Henny Rykers and Ginny Conrad

South Shore Rep                     Wanda Winaut

Highland Rep                          Ian MacDonald

Annapolis Valley Reps            Brent Reid and Charlene Reid

Central Rep                             Glen Hudson

Members at Large

Betty MacAlpine

JD MacKinnon

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