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Individual Pickleball Playing Skills



The Rules of the Underhand Serve explained- Pickleball 411

Pickleball Serving – Is it Legal?

The Forehand Serve – Third Shot Sports

The Backhand Serve – Third Shot Sports

Three Serves and Why You Need Them – Pickleball 411

How to Serve Like the Pros – Third shot Sports


Return of Serve

The Soft Return – Pickleball 411

Returning the Serve and Moving Like Pros – Third Shot Sports



The Volley – The Pickleball Coach



Five Steps to a Winning Dink – Pickleball 411

Pickleball Dink Technique – Third Shot Sports

Improve Your Dink Shot – Pickleball 411

The Forehand Dink – The Pickleball Coach

The Backhand Dink – The Pickleball Coach


The Third Shot

The Third Shot and Why it’s Important – Pickleball 411


The Overhead Smash

How to Hit High Quality Overheads – Third Shot Sports



The Secret of The Lob – Pickleball Channel


Pickleball Strategies

Stay at the Net – CJ Johnson

When to Move Forward in Doubles and When to Stay Back – Third Shot Sports





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