Dartmouth’s Newest Pickleball Venue – Shearwater Fitness & Sports Centre

Shearwater Facility

Pickleball has finally arrived at the Shearwater Fitness & Sports Centre !!

Since early in the summer, Andre Noel has worked closely with the Shearwater staff and arranged to have the gym booked for pickleball from 9:00 am to 11:30 am on Thursday mornings starting today….September 7th.  Their hope was that there would be enough interest and demand to justify securing additional playing times throughout the week and if today’s turnout was any indication, Andre and the folks at Shearwater should start looking for openings in their calendar right away!

People began arriving early and started taking their positions on one of the four pickleball courts that were already setup and waiting for them.  However, the gym is quite large and can actually accommodate six courts if necessary so as players from all over Halifax and Dartmouth continued to show up, it didn’t take too long before the staff decided that they had to bring out the other nets and posts so that all six courts could be used.

At one time, there were over forty people in attendance with 24 people playing and 16 or 17 people waiting on the benches.  Having that many extra people would normally mean quite a long wait at other facilities but with six courts available, wait times were seldom any more than 5 or 10 minutes.

With a $2.00 drop in fee for non-members of the facility, we expect that the Shearwater Fitness and Sports Centre should see a good turnout every week and we’ll look forward to hearing how many additional sessions they’ll be able to add to their calendar!

Great work Andre!  Congratulations !

Shearwater gym

Shearwater gym 2

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