Brick*House Paddles

Brick*House Paddles is pleased to be part of Pickleball Nova Scotia’s business partner program and happy to play a small part in growing the association.

To support Pickleball Nova Scotia and its members, we are extending a 20% discount off of any of our regularly priced paddles or an additional 5% discount off any of our sale or clearance items.

Brick*House Paddles is a Canadian manufacturer of hybrid composite pickleball paddles and we strive to build paddles that are as unique as the people who play them.

We specialize in combining a natural wood playing surface with a composite/honeycomb substructure. This combination not only gives our paddles a very distinctive and unique look but also contributes to an extremely comfortable feel with great power and control.

Our paddles are USAPA approved and designed for players of all levels looking for something special and a little out of the ordinary in a paddle.

For more information, please visit our website, call or email as we are always happy to help. To apply your Pickleball Nova Scotia members discount when ordering from our website, please enter your Pickleball Canada membership number and use promo code PBNS at check out.



Office: 647 8123 1031

St Marys, Ontario

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