East Coast Pickleball Classic May 5th 2018

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Come and take part in the very first Pickleball Tournament to be held at the Canada Games Centre… Atlantic Canada’s Premium Multisport facility.

                                                   -6 courts plus one practice court

                                                   – men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles

                                                   -possible singles division (depending on registration)

                                                    -guaranteed to play 5 games in each category registered


COST:             $30.00 per person  (Registration deadline is April 6th, 2018

REGISTER:       with Marita Winaut via email  marita_winaut@hotmail.com

PAYMENT:       via email to Karen MacDonald at kfmac0883@gmail.com


NOTE:     The Tournament will be divided into age levels depending on the number of registered players we receive. Please provide name, partner’s name, and player’s ages.

Subway LogoAvailable onsite for food from 8:00am to 10:00pm daily.





5 thoughts on “East Coast Pickleball Classic May 5th 2018

    1. Thanks for your question Phyllis. Except for a few players who have attended rating clinics in the USA or participated in one of the many USAPA sanctioned tournaments, most players in Nova Scotia are unrated which makes it difficult to create divisions in tournaments by only a “self-rating” guideline. While some tournaments (such as the Nova Scotia Provincials Tournament coming up at the end of May) will have specific age categories in each division, the organizers of the East Coast Pickleball Classic will simply be creating two age categories in each division. The average age of each team’s players will be tabulated and then a midway age will separate the entire field into two groups….for example it could be “under 55” men’s, women’s and mixed doubles and “over 55 men’s, women’s and mixed doubles. And as far as the level of play at this tournament, I would expect that most players are between 3.0 and 4.5 players.


      1. Thanks ! That was very helpful; also wondering how a person would find out about various upcoming clinics on learning the game?


      2. Currently, the East Dartmouth Community Center has a weekly introductory class hosted by experienced volunteers on Thursday mornings that may soon change from a single 90 minute session into two, 120 minute sessions. Over the next month or so, our website is going to be having its “Places To Play” section updated to reflect any changes to the existing days and times shown for each venue and will be including the addition of any introductory classes being offered. And finally, Pickleball Nova Scotia is supporting a Certification Clinic for new player instructors at the end of April with approximately 20 registered participants from all over the province taking part. It is anticipated that shortly thereafter, a more structured instructional program held over multiple sessions will become available at select venues in all regions. Naturally, those kinds of announcements will get posted on our website.


      3. Thanks so much, once again , for your fast , informative reply! Will keep an eye out for new clinics!


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